Drive One did not warn me about a speed control or an obstacle

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If you encounter a speed control or an obstacle, such as road work, and Drive One does not warn you, there can be many reasons for it.

Possible reasons why you are not warned about a speed control or obstacle

  1. First of all, someone needs to be first on the scene, to report the camera or obstacle. Therefore, it is important that you always use one of the two buttons on the device to warn others, if you see something unreported, e.g. something dangerous on the road or a speed control. Please also use the corresponding button if you can confirm a warning. Read more in our guide to warning others and confirming warnings.
  2. If you consistently do not receive warnings of a specific type, please check the warning settings in the app. Follow this guide to enabling and disabling warning types.
  3. Warnings can be muted, so you do not receive that specific warning going forward. You can see if a warning has been muted in the app settings under the menu item "Muted pins". Click on the warning in this menu and then the trash icon. If you do not have the menu item "Muted pins", then you have not muted any warnings. Read more in our guide to muting warnings.
  4. You can also check if Drive One is turned on and connected as it should be. To be sure if it's connected, you can turn on the connection indicator, which will make the device blink and/or beep with regular intervals that you choose. In this way, you can ensure that the device stays connected for the whole drive. If your phone is an Android, make sure that battery optimization is disabled for Drive One. If you have an iPhone, make sure that "precise location" is enabled for Drive One.

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