If you have any doubts whether your Drive One device is connected to your Drive One app, you have the option to turn on the Connection Indicator.


With the Connection Indicator enabled, the Drive One device will blink and/or make a discreet sound, at regular intervals, indicating that there is a connection.


In the Drive One app, you can turn this feature on or off. It is turned off by default.


Go to Menu - > Device Settings - Connection Indicator.

To turn on the indicator, use the switch.

To make the indicator blink or beep, tick the corresponding box. Use the drop-downs to adjust how often it will blink/beep.


The green blink can be set to every 15 seconds up to every 300 seconds.


The beep can be set  from 1 up to every 5 minutes.

Please note that enabling this feature will consume more of your Drive One device's battery.