How to change warnings and turn them on or off

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If you want to choose which alerts you hear from the Drive One device or from your phone, you can see your options here. You can also adjust the alert categories, e.g. customize when you want to hear them.

To view and change alert settings:

  • Launch the Drive One app
  • Press the menu icon:
  • Click on Warnings

Here, you can see each warning type and whether a warning is enabled or disabled.


If you do not want to receive a given warning, click on it and turn it off with the "switch". This will completely disable this alert type.

In the settings for each warning, you can also change when you want to be warned (see pictures above).

You can specify either:

  • Distance in seconds
  • Distance in meters


Distance in seconds means that you will be warned when, at your current speed, you are e.g. 30 seconds from the location of the next alert.


For distances in metres, you will receive a warning, e.g. 500 meters before a warning.

With this type, it is distance and not time to the warning that determines when you receive it.

You can set mobile speed cameras between 20 and 90 seconds, or 300 and 1500 meters. We recommend leaving this warning at 90 seconds or 1500 meters so that you are warned in time, also with newer speed cameras.

You can set all other warnings between 20 and 60 seconds, or 300 and 1000 meters.

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