Drive One will by default notify you with sounds and lights from the Drive One device, as well as sounds and notifications from the app. You can adjus how Drive One app warns you with just a few steps.

Note: These settings will not change the sounds from your Drive One device.

To change your sound settings, you need to click on the Menu icon in the Drive One app:   

Select Sound settings

Under Output Source, you can then select where you want the alerts to come from.

The Drive One app can warn you with the following sound sources:

  • Automatic (the app will follow the default output for your phone)
  • Your phone’s speaker
  • Your vehicle’s speaker via cable/Bluetooth

Volume controls the volume on the warnings from your phone/ external speaker (Bluetooth).

It does not affect the volume on the warnings from Drive One device.

At the bottom, you can try out the warning sounds from both your phone and Drive One.