Connect several phones to the same Drive One device

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Drive One can be connected to several phones, which is useful if you share a car with others. However, it can only have one active connection at a time.

Here is how you connect Drive One to a second phone:

  • After setting up Drive One with the first phone, make sure that Drive One is no longer connected to that phone. 
    • You can either turn Bluetooth off on the phone (see instructions below), make sure the phone is not nearby, or turn off the phone entirely.
  • Install the Drive One app on the second phone (on either iPhone or Android)
  • Follow the guide in the app (see our manual for more information).
  • When connecting to the Drive One device, make sure to wake up the device by moving it.
  • You should now be connected to the Drive One device on the second phone. The green Drive One icon will show in the app:


When Drive One is in your car and you start driving, it will now seek to connect with both phones. If only one of the phones is nearby, it will simply connect to that phone. 

If both phones are nearby, only one of them will connect to Drive One. If you want to control which one, you can turn Bluetooth off on the phone that should not connect to Drive One.

Enabling/disabling Bluetooth: 

  • Bluetooth can be enabled/disabled on an iPhone under Settings -> Bluetooth. 
  • On Android, you can swipe down and click on the Bluetooth icon to either enable or disable Bluetooth.

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