Some warnings can be passed many times because these warnings are there for a long time.

If you do not want to receive one or some of these warnings, you can silence it/these warnings in the Drive One app.

Then the Drive One app and the device will not warn you of these pins in the future.

These warnings will remain silent until you manually remove them from the list of silent warnings, or until the warning itself disappears from the map.

Here's how to silence a warning.

Note that the following can be done while driving or you can move the map until you see a warning pin. You can then click the pin to get the following options.


When you approach a warning that you don't want to receive in the future, click the "Mute Warning" button in the Drive One app


There are 2 ways you can remove a warning from the list of silent warnings.

1: Via menu.

Go to Menu -> Muted Pins -> Click on the desired alert from the list

1.1 Click the Trash icon to delete the alert from the list of silent alerts

1.2 Click on the map icon to see and check the pin warning on the map

2: Via the card

Move the map until you see the alert you wanted to get alerts from again, click the icon on the map, and then click the "Unmute" button.