Turning Drive One on and off

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When Drive One has been set up and paired with the app, it will turn on automatically when you enter your car, as it detects movement. It will turn off when it has not moved for a little over 5 minutes. It will also connect to your paired phone automatically when it's nearby (and has Bluetooth enabled).

The app will show a green bar when connected to the device

This will ensure that your Drive One works seamlessly as soon as you enter your car with your smartphone, so you will always get relevant warnings in time. Since it turns on and off automatically, you will never have to worry about doing this manually.

For the device to work correctly, you should always ensure the following:

  • That your Drive One device has sufficient battery
  • The app should be running in the background on your phone (see our Android and iOS guides for this)
  • Your phone should have Bluetooth enabled and be nearby

Can you turn Drive One off manually?

Since Drive One will turn on and off automatically based on movement, you do not need to do this yourself.

If you wish to manually power down your device, you will need to pull out the battery and insert it again when you want to use Drive One. You can also remove it from the vehicle and place it in a stable location that does not move, and then put it back in your car when you want to use it.

Sound and light when Drive One turns off

When Drive One has not moved for a little over 5 minutes, it will turn off by itself, indicated by a short beep and a blue light. If you shake it or start driving, it will turn on again and try to connect to your phone.

Sounds and lights when Drive One is not connected to a phone

If your Drive One turns on, but cannot connect to your phone, you will first hear one beep with a green light (indicating that it is on), followed 1½ minutes later by three long beeps and a yellow light, indicating that it could not find the phone. See our overview of sounds and lights from the device here.

Note: You can always enable or disable warnings in the app, based on your needs. You can also mute specific warnings that you do not want to hear.

Warning types can be enabled or disabled in the app

Specific warnings can also be muted

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