If you want to choose which alerts you hear from the Drive One device or from your phone, you can see your options here.


1: Types of alerts - toggle on and off


To view and change alert settings:

Launch the Drive One app

Press the menu icon:

Tap: Alerts


In the first section, you can choose what you want to receive alerts about


If you do not think that you e.g. want to receive roadworks alerts, you can turn off "roadworks" in this section


2: Distance to warning

Here you can decide how far you have to be from a warning before you can receive it.


You can specify either:

  • Distance in seconds
  • Distance in meters


Distance in seconds means that you will receive a warning when, at your current speed, you are e.g. 30 seconds from the next warning.

You can choose between 15, 30, 45 or 60 seconds


For distances in metres, you will receive a warning, e.g. 500 meters before a warning.

With this type, it is distance and not time to the warning that determines when you receive it.

You can choose between:

250, 500, 750 or 1000 meters


3: Sound settings and test


Here you can change your sound settings and test your warning sounds.


Go to:

Menu -> Sound settings


Menu -> Alerts->Sound Settings


Select speaker and volume

In addition to audio alerts from your Drive One device, you can get amplified audio alerts from

• Automatic (switches itself between the phone's and the vehicle's speakers)

• Your phone's speaker

• Speakers in your vehicle via Bluetooth or via cable


You can set the sound level of your alerts, from off to loud.


4. Sound test


You can test alert sounds on your device or phone

Press one of the 4 buttons, for each of the 2 types of alerts, for either phone or Drive One device, to hear the alert sound coming from that device, as well as what that alert sound sounds like.