Drive One shuts down on my Android phone after a while meaning it is not turned on/active when I drive.


Prevent Android from automatically shutting down the app so that it is always running in the background and working when you are driving with your Drive One device.

Prevent Drive One from shutting down on Android phones

Below you can see how to prevent Android from shutting down Drive One by preventing battery optimisation. 

Android version


Android 12Tap on “Applications” or “Apps”
Tap on the three-dot menu (top right corner)
Tap on "Special Access"
Tap on "Optimize Battery usage"
Android 11 - 
Android 10First select the app’s settings.
Select battery in the next window.
Then select battery optimisation.
Then scroll down in the list to find the relevant app, i.e. eReolen and hold down your finger on it.
Now you can switch from Optimise to Don’t optimise.
Finish by pressing Done.


Special mobile devices
HuaweiGo to your phone Settings
Press Battery
Press App start or Start (depending on your model) 
Press Drive One
A small menu with three other settings will appear on the screen. All need to be turned on.
Press OK.
In the list of apps, under Drive One it will say Manage manually 

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