On the page Menu->Map options t is possible to change how the map looks, as well as whether the map/app should have a light or dark theme


Map type

Under map type, you can choose to view the map in the app as a standard ,ap, i.e. a traditional map, or as satellite images


Standard mapSatellite images



Traffic density

Here you can choose to see, or not see, colors on the map that show how close the traffic is to where you are driving.


Dark theme

Under dark theme, you can decide whether the Drive One app should be light or dark.

The dark theme can be good if you drive at night, as it is less harsh on your night vision.


You can choose between having the dark theme be:

  • Switched off, i.e. the app and the map are bright
  • On, i.e. the app and map are dark
  • Match the phone's theme, ie. if your phone e.g. switches to dark theme in the evening, the app also switches.
Off - i.e. bright theme
On, ie. dark theme